Cuba, MO – December 21, 2009 – A new organization has formed in Cuba, Missouri to further the community and economic development efforts in the area.  Cuba Development Group, Inc. (CDG) shall be a not for profit [501(c)3] economic and community development group serving Cuba, Missouri and the Crawford County Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ).

The organization was founded by Mardy L. Leathers as a means to plan, manage, and execute each facet of the development process.  Further, it shall be the chief goal for CDG to collaborate with local organizations such as, but not limited to, the City of Cuba, the IDA of Cuba, the Cuba Chamber of Commerce, Crawford County EEZ Board of Directors, Viva Cuba, and the Crawford County Foundation.  In addition to local organizations, CDG will be collaborating, and is currently working with, Meramec Regional Planning Commission, Missouri Partnership, Missouri Department of Economic Development, Missouri Department of Workforce Development, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Office of Representative Jason Smith, the Office of Senator Frank Barnitz, and the US Department of Commerce – Economic Development Authority.

The organization shall be under the leadership of an Executive Director who works with a seven member Board of Trustees and in accordance to the mission, values, and objectives set by the by-laws of the organization.  The Board of Trustees shall be comprised of local leaders and the by-laws shall set the criteria for such a role.  The seven member Board of Trustees shall be comprised of a representative from each local community bank – Peoples Bank, First Community National Bank, and Bank of Sullivan, Cuba Banking Center; a representative from the Cuba Chamber of Commerce; a representative from the Cuba IDA; a representative from the City of Cuba; and an at large member who holds a justifiable level of experience in business, management, and leadership roles.  Each Board of Trustees member shall serve a term of two years.

Key objectives for the organization shall be to actualize the four core elements of innovation: ideation, collaboration, implementation, and value creation. In addition to these objectives, job creation shall be a primary priority of the organization.  The mission for CDG shall be to increase the quality of life for all those who reside and participate within our community by means of aggressive, collaborative, and innovative economic and community development efforts. Further, CDG shall strive to revitalize and redevelop areas of cultural and historical significance to Cuba, Missouri.  This mission shall be executed by engaging in activities that include specific goals and objectives such as:

  1. Stimulate and Sustain Job Creation
  2. Provide Key Leadership, Planning, and Management of Economic and Community Development
  3. Increase the Quality of Life within the Community
  4. Increase Local Revenue and Tax Base
  5. Stimulate Private Investment and Development Projects

Such objectives shall further the work of a dynamic, creative, and resilient tradition that is the sheer backbone of Cuba, Missouri and its surrounding region.  Further goals and objectives shall be encompassed by the ten year strategic plan of CDG entitled “Vision 2020 – A Community Development Plan for Cuba, Missouri 2010 – 2020” and in accordance with the by-laws of the organization.

The development and launch of this new group would not be possible without crucial support from our local leadership.  Participating as members of the inaugural Board of Trustees shall be Jim Barnett, Jr. / Doug Lasley (Peoples Bank), Todd Abolt (FCNB), Pegge Martin (CBC), Norman DeLeo (Cuba IDA), Bob Baldwin (City of Cuba), Mardy Leathers (Cuba COC), and Jim Tennyson (at large member).  This group of seven individuals will be a key component to the success of the organization.  Further, by establishing a core foundation, CDG shall truly become a major leader and partner in regard to community and economic development efforts within the region.

CDG will hold its first Board of Trustees meeting on January 7, 2010.  At that time the Board of Trustees will approve the charter and by-laws for the organization as well as begin to schedule further meetings and set its goals and objectives.

For More Information Contact:
Cuba Development Group, Inc.
PO Box 242 Cuba, Missouri 65453
Tel: 573-259-1284
FAX: 573-885-1059